Bid Invites

PAISD Phase 3 Package

Drawings for Port Arthur 9th Grade Phase 3 Package will be available after the 19th. Pre-Bid will be April 28th at 10:30AM. Please mark this on your calendar if you’d like to bid! If you’d like to bid please email us at for more information.


If you are bidding on the Port Arthur Pavilion and People’s Park, bids are due by 12:00PM today!


That any companies willing to bid Port Arthur 9th Grade Phase 2 Civil/Foundation Package. ALL bids are DUE by Tuesday, April 5th at 2:00PM!

Invitation to Bid

SETEX would like to extend an open invitation to bid for the Port Arthur Independent School District’s Memorial High School 9th Grade Academy Civil – Structural Phase 2 Package. Competitive Sealed Proposals are DUE by 2:00PM Tuesday, April 5th, 2016.

If you are interested in looking into this job, please contact us at: or call us at (409) 842-8181 or by fax at (409) 842-2274.

March 4, 2016

SETEX is proud to announce that we’re the General Contractor on the High Island Shelter project.

February 25, 2016

Excerpt from Beaumont Enterprise’s article about Lamar University yesterday:

“LIT received $12.5 million for a $17 million project to replace five former warehouses holding classrooms with two two-story buildings and a third one-story building. The project is part of a $50 million long-term plan to remold the campus so it can last the next 50 years, said LIT President Paul Szuch.

The two-year institute will first install new utility infrastructure. When that’s complete, sometime this summer, the college will demolish two buildings and begin erecting its first new two-story replacement for completion in fall 2017, Szuch said.

This phase will bring new meeting space for process operating and instrumentation classes while giving the school microbiology and general biology lab space for the first time, Szuch said.”

SETEX is proud to announce that we are the General Contractor on the LIT job! We’re always happy to help with any of the schools anyway we can, making it easier for the students to further their education is a privilege we will always try to take on.

Click to read article here.