SETEX is composed of an extremely unique team. The best way to build a Construction Team is to start with SETEX (see Pre-Construction).

Our form of communication, advanced construction, and proficiency is the perfect recipe for the foundation of a successful construction management team.

Our military background, discipline, and organizational skills are formulated to conquer and overcome any and all challenges in today’s construction industry.

Our experience has taught us that to be a successful constructor, you must have a broad range of skills and capabilities beyond the ability to, move earth, pour concrete, put brick and mortar in place. Leadership, Team Building Capabilities, and Commitment to the construction team are key.

A harmonious working environment with the construction team is the essential element necessary for a successful project.

We have a proven record of Construction Management (Team Building) with our subcontractors, architects, suppliers and owners that spans decades!

Our staff has extensive experience in construction management projects and construction manager at risk (CMAR). This delivery method allows an open book philosophy between the owner, architect, and construction manager. This method also finds the best value subcontractors and suppliers for each project.